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August, 2019

Ella Rhodes on the contradictory nature of the self. The Psychologist

5th January, 2019

The National
by Kirsteen Paterson

11th October, 2018

BBC News

BBC Click


13th July, 2018


by Brad Bennett

13th July, 2018

Everday Science 

by Hamish Johnston

11th July, 2018

Big Think

by Stephen Johnson

11th July, 2018

Science Alert

by Peter Dockrill

11th July, 2018

The Hindu

9th July, 2018

Mail Online

by Alexandra Thompson

9th July, 2018

Medical Xpress​

9th July, 2018

The VRSoldier

26th May, 2018

Mel Slater was interviewed live on stage by Spencer Kelly about the virtual reality rendition of a scene following the 1917 Russian Revolution.

4th March, 2018

DN Portugal

by Joana Capucho

26th February, 2018


by Shivali Best

22nd February, 2018

El País

by Jessica Mouzo Quintáns

22nd February, 2018

La Vanguardia

22nd February, 2018

El Periódico

by Àngels Gallardo

22nd February, 2018


by / EFE

30th January, 2018


by Shayla Love

9th January, 2018


By Katherine Templar Lewis

9th November, 2017

BBC News

By Jean Mackenzie, Victoria Derbyshire programme

7th October 2017

The Guardian

By Simon Hattenstone

26th September, 2017

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA (PNAS)

By M. Mitchell Waldrop

A Virtual Trick to Remove Racial Bias:

A team of researches changed people’s races in a full-body virtual reality immersion experiment

14th June, 2017

Scientific American

By Stephen L. Macknik

7th February, 2017

New Scientist

By Anil Ananthaswamy

23rd January, 2017

New Scientist

By Jessica Hamzelou